Using the Extract of Cannabis for Medicine

March 13, 2017

Half a kilogram of dried cannabis flowers can produce 55 grams of quality extracts. The amount is usually used to cure cancer is the most serious, except for patients whose cancer has damaged his body as a result of chemotherapy and radiation. In such cases, the patient will need 120-180 grams to repair all the damage caused by chemotherapy and radiation. After the patient recovered should continue to use the extract for health care with a dose of 1 gram per month. For more information, check this site list of medical marijuana doctors in florida.

Extracts of cannabis are not the same as cannabis seed oil. In Europe or America, food shops often sell herbal oil made from the seeds of cannabis and cannabis extracts mistaken for. Cannabis seed oil is very beneficial for the health and function to kill various diseases. Read more Marijuana Doctors Florida.

Cannabis extracts should be made of the results of his own planting. Make extracts from the black market does not guarantee the quality and hygiene so harmful to the health of patients. See also Florida Medical Marijuana.

There are thousands of species of cannabis that has been repeatedly crossing are married and each has a different effect on health. Some types of marijuana are good for pain relief, while others are good for controlling blood sugar levels for diabetics.