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December 28, 2016

Three Options for Business Phone Systems

Business maintains telecommunication networks for the phone communication. There are different types of phone systems that can be used by companies. Both the business structures and features of the phone systems must be factored in when making decisions on selection of phone systems. One of the decision that the business will take care of is whether to use mobile phones or to have dedicated phone systems. If the company requires dedicated telephone services; it can choose among three different alternatives. The selection should be made bearing in mind factors such as the number of users whom will connect to the phone among others.

Virtual phone systems are among the choices and allow employees based in another area other than the company office to connect to the company office. When there is a call made to the main office telephone number; it is auto-redirected to the employee mobile of the home phone. It helps the organization maintain a professional outlook at a lower cost. The features of the systems are automatic call forwarding, call screening and voicemail.

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The landline phone system is another option. Connection is made through copper wires. The services are offered by landline telephone companies. An office based PBX hardware needs to be installed. Small business will find it expensive to use this system since it requires large upfront investments. It is the best package for business in areas with low speed internet connections. This option is fine for firms with large capital base since it may prove cheaper. An in-house support staff need to be present.
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The most recent phone system is the VoIP model. It makes of the existing internet for connection rather than copper wires. Its applications are best for firms with high speed internet connections. VoIP phone systems are bale to connect to remotely located employees on their mobile phones.

If a business opts to use the VoIP phone system, it had a choice to make between self hosting VoIP phone system and hosted VoIP services. The self hosting model requires that the company purchase and possess the rights of the assets used to run the self hosted VoIP system. Among these are the PBX hardware.; the circuit connection board.It is cost effective in the long run though it has high upfront costs. The maintenance requires that there be an in-house support staff. The responsibility of ensuring that the system is running is on the company hands. If not so, calling for external services might prove to be very expensive. It is effective for companies which want have total control of their phone connections.

The hosted service is offered using the cloud technology The business does not buy other hardware other than the phones. The telecommunication company takes care of all the facilities. Payment is made per month on a user basis.