Mold Can Be a Serious Problem for Denver Homeowners

June 27, 2017

Mold is everywhere but it can be a real problem when it is growing inside a home. It is associated with numerous harmful effects on adults and children. When a family has mold in their home, they might experience chest tightness, nosebleeds, congestion and sore throat. They might also develop asthma or find their pre-existing asthma gets worse. Some people assume they just have allergies until they get a home inspection and the mold is discovered.

In many cases, the mold was in the Denver home prior to when the homeowner or tenant moved in so they have no reason to believe it exists. There could have been a flood or a significant leak in the home that wasn’t cleaned up properly. Once the mold is found inside a home, it’s essential to take steps to remove it right away. Cleaning up mold is a process and should only be performed by a provider that is qualified to do it correctly. Incomplete cleanup could result in the problem returning and causing additional health hazards for the family living in the home.

It’s important to identify and determine the source of the mold before starting a treatment plan. Some types of mold are much more dangerous than others and ensuring that the contamination is completely gone is essential for anyone who either lives or rents a home to other families. After the treatment is completed, the home must be inspected again and treatment repeated until all of the mold is eradicated. This can take some time and families that live in the home may need to stay somewhere else while a serious mold problem is corrected.

After the problem is resolved, it’s important for homeowners and landlords to monitor the moisture in the home. It might be necessary to upgrade the heating and cooling system or install a dehumidifier in the home to keep down the moisture so conditions will not be right for mold to grow. With diligence, the mold problem can be resolved but property owners must keep an eye on the parts of the home that previously had mold to be sure it doesn’t return.