How Businesses Can Incorporate More Renewable Energy Sources

May 23, 2017

Saving money and reducing expenditure is important for businesses the world-over, and with price rises in fuel and energy costs, this is especially when it comes to utilities. Recently, the Telegraph reported that in the UK, businesses use more than half of the electricity consumed by the country as a whole. This means that a large proportion of business expenditure goes on keeping offices lit and equipment working.

In 2014, it was predicted that the UK would run out of fossil fuels in 5 years. This means that both business premises and residential properties must begin to make use of green energy sources.

The good news is, switching to renewable energy can be an easy process. There are two main ways for your business to use green energy: changing supplier and installing tech.

Choose a Green Energy Company

Climate change and the rapidly decreasing supply of fossil fuels has long been a topic of international discussion. As such, in recent years, the energy sector has expanded to include companies offering green energy tariffs. These tariffs promise to deliver energy sourced via renewable means, such as hydropower and solar energy. With customers becoming increasingly concerned about the ethical and environmental impacts of brands, switching to a green energy company like Ovo Energy could be great for business.

Install New Technology

Alternatively, business owners can choose to install renewable tech on company premises. Although this requires an upfront investment, installing solar panels, for example, can provide its own benefits, as businesses in the UK are paid for energy produced.

In addition, switching to renewable energy can come with lots of other business advantages. These include:

Providing security for the future. As the supply of fossil fuels is depleting, the use and availability of renewables is on the rise. Switching to green sources means securing your business future, providing energy that will not run out.

Secure better prices. While fossil fuel tariffs are constantly on the rise, renewables tend to be cheaper. This is because green energy supply is cheaper to procure, so your business will not be subject to price hikes that apply to limited fossil fuels.

Save on business taxes. Businesses are required to pay a tax on energy consumed under the Climate Change Levy, but this does not apply to renewables. There are also a variety of subsidies available to businesses that use green energy, meaning your company could see economic benefits from renewables.