Hackers Can Only Hold Files Hostage if Computer Owners are Vulnerable

July 5, 2017

Everyone who uses the Internet is susceptible to viruses. Preventing them is much easier than recovering from all the damage it causes. There are quite a few ways to prevent viruses and the people who are most successful have multiple layers of protections. Viruses can get onto computers through email, file sharing websites and networks. Computer users should make sure they are protected at each level so the virus has little chance of penetrating their system and getting a chance to hold files hostage for ransom.

It’s quite easy to prevent email viruses. This merely requires paying attention to the name and web address of the sender. Reputable companies and banks do not send their customers to different websites to enter their account information. A good email system will filter most of these phishing messages into a spam folder but it’s possible that one might slip through. No one should be so comfortable opening email that they click on every link without examining it.

Some websites are more likely to contain viruses than others. Websites that host shared files, pornography or black market marketplaces commonly contain viruses but they can be unwillingly installed on just about any site. Major corporations are often targeted by hackers because they have a lot of visitors to their websites. Computer users should adjust their settings to require them to confirm any download onto their device. This can stop viruses from automatically downloading onto a computer without the owner’s consent.

A virus that manages to get onto a network computer can affect all the computers on that network. Network users should be very careful to avoid installing viruses onto their devices. The antivirus software should always be up-to-date so it can detect viruses, stop them from infiltrating the network and give the owner an easy way to remove them if they ever get through. Viruses can be a minor annoyance for those that take steps to prevent them. For everyone else, a virus could be a disaster for a single computer or an entire network. There are many ways to keep viruses away and vigilance is critical to prevent lost data.