Which Parts of the Shopping Experience Matter Most to Consumers?

May 30, 2018

Every shopper loves a bargain and a high-quality product for which the price does not exceed the value. This is certainly a basic consumer truth; however, with a rapidly accelerating choice on the market, retailers need to know more about what aspects of buying are more or less important to buyers. The route to the heart of this problem is the shopping experience itself.

How much a customer enjoys a shopping experience depends greatly on the mood. Retailers therefore need to take the time to ask themselves what d├ęcor reflects their brand and whether they have the right music for business. At the end of the day, while the product and its price are always number one, recent research shows that the shopping experience distinguishes one retailer from the next in the competitive landscape of late capitalism. Here we list four of the most important aspects of the experience, empirically revealed.

Customers want to select what is on sale
According to data collected by a consumer survey carried out by Synchrony Financial, one of the top three highest-valued elements of the shopping experience is self-selected sale items. Customers want more choice and control in their shopping experience and are more likely to stay loyal if they know that the retailer is loyal to these demands.

Customers want to be able to return items without hassle
Unsurprisingly, a very near second to the above was the power to return items without any hassle from the seller.

Light and easy: coupon-free discounts
Every retailer is also a buyer, and we all know that needing a coupon to bag a sale is a time-waster and adds unnecessary and unwanted labour to our shopping experience. This is why this element came in a very close third place in what matters most to consumers. The shopping experience should have a light and easy mood, which can also be enhanced with in-store media solutions from a specialist such as https://moodmedia.co.uk/in-store-media/.

Buyers deserve rewards
Point systems enable consumers to earn savings for supporting businesses. This facilitates long-term relationships between shoppers and retailers, resulting in a sense of mutual loyalty and trust. Shoppers understandably want to be rewarded for the investments they make in a business, with point systems digitising this desire and guaranteeing hassle-free satisfaction.