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May 7, 2018

The Top SMS App Alternatives

It is getting harder and harder to find someone who still sends messages through the traditional SMS service. There have comes up better replacements for this service, that work on almost all phones.

You will also get to enjoy thee services, when you know more about the best five SMS apps that are functional for both iOS and Android. They have led to a better texting experience for many users.

WhatsApp is one popular and free messaging service, that has proven to be easy to use. You only need to install it, whereby it copies your address book and is ready for you to use with anyone else who has it. It also works when sending not only text, but also voice, image and video messages. It only requires that you use a smartphone, over an internet connection.

There is also Viber, which shares most of the features of WhatsApp. It works by using your number as the starting point, after which it goes through your contacts to find which ones have installed it as well. You can then exchange text, stickers, emojis, photos, voice, and video messages with them. There is also the opportunity to share your screen as you are communicating.

Google have also added their messaging app to the mix, called Allo. Its selling point is the inclusion of an AI assistant, that aids you by offering short reply suggestions. It also uses the information from the chat you have to give you relevant news to it, such as weather reports, restaurant information, and the like.

You can also activate a private chat mode, where you can have private notifications, end-to-end encryptions and self-destructing messages.

Facebook Messenger is the separate messaging app for those who use Facebook, when they want to send each other messages. It needs a user to log in to their Facebook account, after which all their friends shall show up as chat contacts. It can be used to send text, voice, video calls, GIFs, photos and your location.

Slack happens to be another messaging option, but more popular with business people. It covers messaging, management tools, scheduling and marries well with other apps. It syncs across multiple devices, which enables the sharing of files. You have the option of sending individual as well as group messages. Its ability to let a user have many chat groupings is ideal for business, since you can have separate forums for different business groups you are dealing with. You can add its functionality when you buy premiums packages.

Those lacking phones can still chat. This is enabled by a service that allows texts to be exhcnged via landline.

Texting and chatting always has an element of fun in it. With these apps, that is always guaranteed.