The Perfect Apartment for My Dog and Me

December 3, 2016

I started looking at Orlando apartments not that long ago even though I was not due to move for another month. I figured it would take me that long to find a nice apartment where I would be able to take my dog with me. The two of us have been together for nearly three years now, and there is just no way I would ever move into an apartment complex that does not allow dogs. I did a search for apartments in the area, and then I added on that I wanted pet friendly ones.

It did not take me anytime at all to find the apartment that I am going to get for us. When I say it was quick, I really mean that it was. It took me maybe five minutes total, and that is because I was looking at all of the amenities as well as pictures of the apartment that I found. The first thing is that they do allow dogs, and they also have a dog park that is fenced in. That is an unexpected bonus that I was not counting on, but I plan on taking full advantage of it.

After knowing that my dog would be happy there, I started looking at the other amenities, and I really liked everything I saw. The only other thing I had to do was look at the floor plans to make sure that there was one there that I would like, which there was. I was even able to fill out the rental application right on the site, and they have an apartment that will be available the month that I want to move in. I am really glad that I did start looking early, because I don’t think vacancies will stay that way for long there!