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February 15, 2017

Guide to Beach Products: What You Need to Bring on Your Vacation

When it is summer time, it is once again that time of year to pack your stuff, the cooler and the kids and grandma into the car and enjoy the beach. Numerous people go to the beach for 3-7 days when they get the opportunity. Now and then it is a weekend trip or sometimes you get lucky enough to rent a house for an entire week.

Nonetheless, as many of us sometimes experience, we get to our spot on the beach, unfold our towels, and then realize that we forgot something back at the house. Never fear, even the best of us can experience it sometimes. If you are thinking about going to the beach anytime soon, use our essential beach packing list to help you bring everything you’ll need for a relaxed beach vacation. Above all, this list can save you money, due to the fact completely packing all the things you need now will keep you from having to purchase them once you arrive.

Pack Your Sunscreen
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If you have children, you should keep in mind that sun damage to skin in childhood can never be reversed, so make sure that this is a priority. Put on sunscreen generously from head to toe and always remember that you should reapply every hour. Bringing a number of options of sunscreen is certainly a great idea, including sunscreen that is specifically meant for faces, as well as those that factor in very sensitive eyes. Moreover, keep it in a ziplock bag so that it does not mess up the inside of bag or get covered with sand.

Bring an Expandable Blanket
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Your towel should only be used to dry you off, and not to keep you from the hot sand. Thus, instead of struggling to carry a bulky throw, opt for a lightweight nylon version in your bag or backpack. There are water-resistant styles available in the market which can fold up into a compact pouch when being used. Some blankets are also generally heavier than towels which will make it easier to keep the blanket on the ground instead of flying down the beach.

This is a must have for the beach. Buy a set that is composed of a pail, several shovels, sifters and rakes, and shape-makers. Another smart idea is to pack a real shovel and bucket. In truth, you should always have way more shovels than you need. Your kids will flock to your toys and you don’t want them to argue about who gets to use the shovel. If you are on a vacation with friends, bring toys that you can play with together like a beach volleyball or a frisbee.