The Increase and Demand for Same Day Deliveries – How Are Online and Retail Companies Coping?

May 12, 2017

Since Amazon began offering its revolutionary next day Prime delivery service, businesses across the UK have struggled to keep up. It started a chain of events which has quickly led to the implementation of record-speed, same-day deliveries.

Customers today, now expect to be able to place an order and have the option to receive their goods the same day, or next day at the latest. So, what does this mean for smaller businesses?

The rise of same-day delivery

Amazon, not content with delivering customer orders the next day, began the same-day delivery trend a couple of years ago. Customers were able to not only choose a same day delivery service, but an impressive one-hour delivery slot depending upon what they were buying.

This in turn forced other larger companies to take steps to introduce speedier deliveries. Argos and Sainsbury’s are just two of the UK’s biggest companies which quickly followed in Amazon’s footsteps. Now, many large retailers are offering the same level of service, as demand for record-speed deliveries soars.

Technological advancements have largely helped to make same-day deliveries possible. Enabling businesses to automate many of their warehouse processes, parcels are able to be picked, packed and shipped a lot quicker.

So, larger companies are managing to keep up with the competition, but how are online and retail companies coping?

The effect on smaller businesses

Smaller businesses no doubt have a much more difficult task trying to get their deliveries out same-day. They simply don’t have the same budget as larger companies so many have felt the increasing pressure to deliver.

While it is certainly more difficult for smaller online and retail businesses, it’s not impossible for them to keep up. Sites such as Myparceldelivery allow businesses to compare different courier services in order to find the cheapest option. So, if you’re looking to add same-day deliveries, you can use the comparison feature to ensure you save as much money as possible.

They can also compete in other ways. Adding a more personal touch to deliveries could really help keep customers satisfied for example. It’s all about thinking outside of the box. Many customers are still happy to receive their goods the next day, or even 2-3 days afterwards.

Overall, the rise of same day delivery services has had a huge impact on retail and online businesses. However, for smaller companies there are ways they can compete in different ways to ensure their customers are kept happy.