The Best Free Financial Software of 2017

July 14, 2017

Keeping a regular check on your finances is essential to ensure you don’t go in the red and your cash works hard for you.

Managing your money also means keeping an eye on incomings and outgoings, and making adjustments when necessary.
Why is it so important to manage your own money? According to Money Supermarket, day-to-day finances are the main cause of stress for 18.5 million people in the UK. Managing your finances can put you in control of your cash, helping to reduce this stress.
For more complex financial affairs, you might wish to visit experts who make use of back office systems for financial advisers, such as those from However, in other cases, you may wish to take advantage of home software that keeps a check on your personal accounts.

Here’s a look at some of the top free financial software to consider using this year to manage your money.

Money Manager Ex
This money-tracking software comes with a wizard interface to enable easy set-up. This software lets you see where you money is coming from or going to and boasts reporting tools for easy analysis.

Ideal for newbies, this software makes managing your accounts simple. You can link accounts together if you need to transfer cash, and the use of templates for recurring transactions helps speed up payment processes.

This online tool consists of envelopes which are used to categorise your spending and income. There is a paid-for and free version of this software, and with the free version you get the use of 25 envelopes and can work with four accounts to manage your money. You can set budgets with this software and can easily see outgoings.

Ideal for someone with a basic knowledge of accounting, this software is useful for managing personal finances or even those of a small business. Set-up is easy and logical, and you can even import data from other financial software. Standout features include data analysis and reporting tools.

AceMoney Lite
This free version of AceMoney personal finance software is suitable for those who are looking for a resource that only handles limited accounts. In this case, the software lets you handle two accounts. You can easily download and add transactions, and with support for e-payment systems like PayPal, it’s great for online shoppers.