Smart Ideas: Animals Revisited

September 8, 2017


Healthiness of a dog is the first requirements they all need since its an easier way to do this unlike when they are sick. However, dogs have a different metabolism compared to humans, and that’s why they are not supposed to take some of the foods. Table scraps are always the worst, and one should ensure that they do not include this in the list of the foods for dogs. This is because the dogs develop a taste for them and even refuse to eat the dog food. The situation is always for the dogs which are very stubborn at times. When there are foods which are healthy for the humans, it does not apply the same to dogs. There are the human foods which when given to dogs, it causes them more harm and even leads them to death. Chocolate is not the best food which should be given to the dogs. Caffeine is also toxic since and this should not be given to the dogs too. Alcohol shouldn’t be on the list either since the dogs always exhibits the same symptoms of intoxication as humans do after ingesting the alcohol. Baking powder and baking soda are also toxic substances to the dogs, and they should not be fed
with any food which might be containing all these.

Its always not healthy to feed the dogs with food which has been added some salt in it no matter how little it might be. For one to be on the safest side, all they need to do is to feed them with the dog food. If it happens that it’s a must for one to feed their dog with the human foods, then it’s advisable that they be given lean meats, cucumber or carrot sticks, green beans, cooked white rice and even cooked pasta. The dogs should not take small bones especially if it is for the chicken or fish as it may contain splinters which might be sharp. This may cause harm as it may cause puncture to the stomachs and to the intestines too. The dogs should also not be fed with sugary foods or even foods that have sugar in them. The the same thing that happens to individuals or human beings, it can cause obesity to the dogs, there can be a problem with the details of the dogs and can even cause diabetes.

The dogs also have the right to be fed on a proper and balanced diet too. Most of the better brands of the dog foods provides them with the necessary nutrients to enable the growth of them become easy. This helps a lot since one is always assured that the dog have the proper feeding and that they are always okay. Through this, the dogs cannot get sick very easily.What No One Knows About Dogs

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