Six Things to Consider When Looking for a Party Venue

July 21, 2018

There is a dire need for that perfect event venue and every event holder always hopes to have their dream venue; This is because the venue determines the success or failure of the party. That said, it is crucial for a party planner to look into a few factors before signing up with the venue owner. Here are the factors to consider;

  • Is the Location Suitable? 

You are holding a party- this means that probably more than 100 people will be attending. You need to make it easy for your guests to find the venue. If many attendees will come all the way from the outskirts of the city especially, they shall be using a GPS map. Choose a location that is easily accessible.

  • Does the Venue have a Parking Lot?

Dreams comprise of party venues with parking lots. In fact, you can even hire a valet parking services provider to manage your parking on the party day. Nevertheless, if there is no parking lot, you can always look for alternatives to it. For instance, provide a car pooling strategy for your attendees. This will create more space in the parking lot.

  • Is the Venue Full Service? 

Some venues are full service while others are not. Depending on your party needs, find out if the particular venue in question is full service. A full-service venue indicates that the management Los Angeles party venue will be present to cater to the needs of the attendees. These needs include serving drinks, food, and providing assistance with finding the party venue, among others. While a full-service venue can be a bit expensive, it is also advantageous.

  • Check Your Capacity 

How many guests will you host? You should know your capacity and measure it against the room capacity; for example, what it the size of the room? Can it accommodate your guests? Other things you should look at include safety. Are there fire extinguishers or safety codes? These questions should direct you towards the right party venue.

  • Check the Layout 

Although you will find your venue as you plan your event, it is still important to familiarize with the activities you will engage in. These activities will determine the social amenities required at the venue. With that said, you will also have to look at the design of the venue to see if it fits into the needs of your attendees. As you narrow down various selections, have a floor plan for each venue. Go through the plans one more time, and then decide on which one you should settle for.

  • Insurance 

A party event contains a lot of fun-filled activities. In these activities, anything can happen. From dancing to drinking and even precarious types of activities that can endanger someone’s life. For that reason, many venues ask for insurance. They do not want to be part of the liability. Find out if your venue needs insurance.


Finding a party venue should not be complicated with the above list. Consider the mentioned factors above as your major guide.