Six Advantages of Cloud Contact Centres

September 19, 2018

For more than a decade now, most things seem to have moved to the cloud and none more so than in business. Cloud computing solutions have become a much more cost-effective and flexible alternative to historical on-premise software.

What is cloud computing?

At its most basic level, cloud computing simply involves storing, processing and managing data on a network of servers that are hosted on the internet. This means that data is available to any number of devices or users depending on the access rights that have been set.

Most cloud services fall into one of three categories: infrastructure as a service, software as a service, and platform as a service depending on what the third party is actually hosting.

The benefits of a cloud contact centre

According to, exceptional customer service can provide a huge competitive edge and those businesses that get it right can reap the rewards on the their bottom line. How can a cloud contact centre improve the service you provide?

One of the primary benefits of using cloud systems is that they are inherently flexible and additional capacity can be added quickly or even removed. This is particularly useful for a business whose trade is very seasonal. Historically, with an on-premise system, if 100 users were required for three months of the year and only 30 were needed the rest of the time, a business would have to pay for 100 all year long.

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This level of flexibility also means that a business is able to quickly take advantage of new technology as it is launched without having to worry about upgrading internal infrastructure, for example. In addition to adding new tools, it’s really quick and easy to upgrade your existing system so you’re always running the latest version with the most current features.

Cloud solutions also allow you to provide continuity of service as your data is always backed up remotely. They also provide incredible levels of security, which is important for any business.