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January 2, 2017

Solar Powered Panels Providing Shade to Houses and Buildings

Solar power is the electricity obtained from sunlight. In the process of energy conversion comes the usage of concentrated solar power systems use mirrors or lenses and tracking systems, focusing a large area of sunlight into a small beam. Solar power facilities are utilized as an alternative to conventional energy sources, and these are most commonly used by many industrialized nations to reduce cost of imported fuels. Solar power plants generate electricity using two techniques namely photo voltaic system and the concentrated solar power system. Photo voltaic systems use solar panels that converts sunlight directly into electricity, either in ground-mounted solar farms or on rooftops. Concentrated solar power or concentrated solar thermal plants use solar thermal energy for making steam and converting it into electricity with a turbine.

Solar power panels for roof insulation are now widely used among residential and commercial establishments to help reduce the cost of conventional energy sources, as well as these are environmentally friendly. Solar photo voltaic panels used for roofing can help insulate houses and buildings, because under thermal imaging, it was found out that ceiling was five degrees Fahrenheit cooler under these solar panels compared to an exposed roof. These solar panels helped in retaining heat at night, helping in the reduction of heating costs during winter. These solar power panels are energy-saving insulation roofs essentially act as roof shades and power source at the same time. Roof insulation is provided by these photo voltaic panels that take the solar beating, preventing the sun’s heat from penetrating through the roof.

Solar power has changed the lives of modern people, reducing electricity costs from conventional electricity sources, and rendering positive gains to businesses and the environment at large. Solar power panels do not any harmful emissions unlike fossil fuel based technologies. Solar power is a renewable energy source wherein solar-powered roofs insulate and tilted panels provide more cooling because air is able to circulate between the building and the solar panel. Solar power roof provides a good insulation, it is a fuel-saver, lowering electricity bill and eco-friendly. There are other means of efficiently and effectively cooling buildings, but having a solar photovoltaic installed depending on your roof thermal properties relatively reduce the amount of energy used in cooling your business establishment or your residence.
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