Pets: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

September 17, 2017

Important Tips You Must Know When Using Flea and Tick Products If you own a dog, you obviously have dealt with fleas and ticks a handful of times. These pesky little creatures will find all sorts of ways to get to your furry friend because it is the only way they can survive. Although you feel for their need to survive, these creatures cannot in any way be allowed to carry out an infestation because they carry with them nasty stuff like skin infection and diseases. First things first, winning the battle against fleas and ticks means knowing what products to use and then figuring when to ideally use them. Also, the climate in your locality or area where you live is also a very important factor to consider. For example, you expect to deal with the worst annoyance from fleas in hot climates or in any location during the summer season. As for ticks, you expect them to increase in numbers during the spring as well as summer months. But then again, you also must realize that both ticks and fleas don’t really die or disappear even in seasons you don’t expect them to be active; they just try to hide or dormant. Immediate Response
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One of the most important things you must learn in defeating fleas and ticks is figuring out the signs. For without knowing the signs, you won’t be able to treat your pet buddy the soonest time possible. On the other hand, if you already see the signs and you don’t act on it fast, the infestation could get worse and lead to more serious issues like skin infection and disease.
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Preventative Measures The good thing going for you is that most flea treatments available in the market today have become so advanced that they also can prevent ticks and other pests that infest on dogs. At this point, the two most common treatments come in the form of spot-on treatments and pills. Other varieties include sprays, collars, and shampoos. Before you do use any flea treatment option, it is best that you first seek your veterinarian’s advice. This is important because you might be using something that could do more harm than good to your dog. The fact is it is important that you visit a vet if your dog is very old, still a puppy, or maybe pregnant or nursing young ones; the same holds true for a dog that’s taking other medications or is known to have allergic reactions to certain chemicals. Lastly, don’t ever use products that are designed for use to other animals to your dog. It could result to the death of your beloved canine buddy. It is also as equally important to follow the instructions in the product label because you don’t want to take the risk of overdosing your pet dog.