Need Housekeeping Help? Consider Hiring A Maid

July 27, 2017

Most people will agree that there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all they would like to get done. Many of them are tired of trying to juggle it all on their own, especially when they can’t keep up. Responsibilities of work, and demands of children and family usually come first. Add to that a social life and it all adds up to more hours than most can spare. It’s almost impossible to try to fit in time for important housekeeping chores that should be done on a regular basis. Some chores shouldn’t be forgotten about. Chores like bathroom and kitchen cleaning, vacuuming or washing the floors, and putting clean linens on the bed are just a few of the important chores that need to be handled on a regular basis for the comfort and convenience of the homeowner and guests alike.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution for those who need some help with housecleaning. Hiring part-time cleaners from Domestic One can take away the stress and responsibility of those cleaning jobs there never seems to be enough time to do. Many are surprised to learn that hiring someone to help clean their home doesn’t have to be a full-time commitment. Most cleaning services offer a variety of cleaning schedules, and there is usually something to fit the need of the homeowner. For those who would prefer a regularly scheduled cleaner each week, or even two or three times a week, this can be scheduled. For homeowners who would prefer help on a one-time basis, such as before guests are due to arrive or after a new baby is born, an ad-hoc, one-time basic cleaning session can be set up. For those moving into a new home, or moving out of an old one, it’s possible to set up a one time, deep cleaning session to make the house move-in or move-out ready.

Most sessions include the basic cleaning and disinfecting of bathrooms and kitchens, floors are either vacuumed or mopped, surfaces and walls dusted and bed linens changed. Be sure to communicate any additional housecleaning requests and the cleaner will be glad to oblige, if possible. Life is too short to spend hours cleaning. Talk to a cleaning service to find out what they can do to make life easier.