Keeping Your Camping Stove Burning this Summer

August 4, 2018

If you’re planning a camping trip this summer, Gas UK have the essentials to make your holiday more enjoyable and stress-free! Camping stoves are a must-have for any camping enthusiasts and are guaranteed to meet and exceed your specific requirements when it comes to heating food and drinks, whilst on the campsite.

What are Camping Stoves used for?

Taking a camping stove on holiday is highly recommended; not only do they make outdoor cooking easier, they are designed to provide a high degree of adjustability, suiting your needs perfectly.

Gas UK has a diversity of products available for you to choose from, however, you need to make sure that you choose the most convenient and efficient camping gas for your camping stove.

Preparing for Summer Barbecues.

Summer is the ideal time to dig out the barbecue and take cooking outdoors. Perhaps you’re planning a barbecue this summer? If so, Gas UK have all that you can possibly need to light your barbecue and cook food outside.

When it comes to finding camping gas for your camping stove or barbecue, you’re in capable hands with the team of experts at Gas UK! Camping gas is easy to use and designed to power stoves efficiently.

What is Camping Fuel?

In order for your camping stove to keep burning this summer, you need to select the right fuel or camping gas. Camping gas is used to operate your camping stove, ensuring that food is cooked to perfection.

With so many types of camping fuel on the market, you may find yourself spoilt for choice (and you won’t be the only one- that’s for sure!) Whether it be a Campingaz907 Alternative- Full Cylinder or a 6kg Leisure Gas Cylinder, Gas UK can advise you which one will suit your camping stove best, so be sure to discuss your needs in more detail with the professionals today.

Choosing between Propane or Butane Camping Gas.

Although Butane is more stable than Propane at ambient temperatures, they are both suitable for outdoor stoves. As Liquid Petroleum Gases (LPG’s), Propane and Butane are designed to specifically power camping stoves and suit an array of applications.

The Butane camping gas is easy to distinguish from Propane gas because it’s supplied in blue cylinders where Propane is available in red cylinders. Unlike Propane, Butane camping gas doesn’t vaporise at low temperatures.

Propane gas is ideal if you’re looking for camping gas that is suitable all year round. Unfortunately, Butane gases condense in cold temperatures, making them more suitable for the summer, including barbecues and camping holidays. As well as this, Butane camping gas is an efficient burning fuel that allows you to get more out of the cylinder before replacing it.

Camping Gas at Gas UK.

Choosing camping gas from Gas UK will not only allow you to keep your camping stove burning but will also make it easier for you to transport to and from the campsite. Any gas cylinder from Gas UK is designed to be compact and space-saving, providing you with a convenient way of carrying.

The portable camping gas is lightweight too which enables you to pack your energy source with the rest of your camping equipment.

Whether you need to keep blowtorches burning or lamps shining to provide a source of light, the camping gas provided by Gas UK is designed carefully to enable you to handle it safely and easily.

If you need to know more about camping gas, feel free to give the team at Gas UK a call on 08001337490 today!