Importance of Boiler Maintenance for Optimal Heating Efficiency

May 10, 2018

Why is boiler maintenance so important for good heating performance?

The maintenance of boilers is a fundamental aspect with regard to the proper use of heating. However, many times it is not taken into account or not given the necessary attention.

Here, experts in commercial boiler installation in London explain why it is so important to review boiler performance and, at the same time, show how this simple step can contribute to a better climate in your workspace thanks to improved boiler efficiency.

Boiler maintenance, why it is not a superfluous expense

In everything related to heating and air conditioning, whether in homes or commercial establishments, government institutions or other large buildings, there has been a trend towards greater energy efficiency in recent years.

There are several reasons why this has occurred.

More efficient heating solutions are less expensive for the establishment that uses them. And with the reduction of expenses, there is clearly a cost saving, which can subsequently be invested in other operational aspects of the business, which results in a benefit for the owner.

One of the ways to achieve this efficiency in heating is by reviewing the boiler, a practice that should be more common in any space that has a boiler-powered heating system.

Regular and planned maintenance makes it possible to be sure that the boiler is operating properly, producing hot water in the most efficient way, and thus reducing energy consumption while increasing the useful life of the boiler.

Another important point related to periodic maintenance is that, typically, boiler repairs can come with a high cost when issues are left unresolved.

There are frequent cases in which lack of regular maintenance has caused failure or damage which is impossible to solve or repair, resulting in the need for complete replacement of the boiler with all the costs that this generates.

Clearly, the replacement of a boiler comes with a high cost and, therefore, prolonging the life of it is the best way to avoid having to pay large amounts of money.

TIP: do not postpone or overlook regular boiler inspections because boiler maintenance is not a superfluous expense; it is taking care of your investment and making it even more profitable.

Boiler maintenance: a safety issue

In addition to the above points, it is also important to regard boiler maintenance as a commitment to the safety of the workspace and the people within it.

Due to its function, the components it has, and the way of operating, boiler maintenance must be carried out effectively by professionals with specialised knowledge in the area; failure to have a boiler installed and maintained by suitably qualified technicians could lead to serious risks and safety issues

As boilers work under pressure, it can produce a sudden expansion of the steam and the water inside it. If any of the components of the system collapses, something that can happen due to lack of maintenance, this can cause unfavourable results!

The detection of corrosion or the accumulation of deposits are just two common risk issues that regular revision of the boiler can help avoid.

In order to avoid such risks, boiler maintenance is essential on a regular basis because there is also the aspect of carbon monoxide to consider; a silent and deadly gas. This is an odourless gas which cannot be detected manually, so in case there is a leak from the boiler, only experienced maintenance technicians can identify it and solve the problem.