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February 5, 2017

3 Easy Things Anyone Can Do to Help Boost Website SEO It’s no question how the internet is now one of the most important assets any business can leverage. With such a wide reach to a vast number of potential consumers, online resources have taken over every other channel as the main marketing method for most modern brands. Moving your business to higher ground these days involves coming up with a solid online marketing plan, and that should include SEO. What SEO does is it raises your ranking in search engine results, making you more accessible and prominent to your prospects. While it’s important that you hire an SEO company to help you with this facet of your marketing plan, there are some things you can do on your own to help boost your SEO. Read through this short list to help you learn what you can do to improve your ranking. 1. Use Your Blog – There’s a big difference between reaching the highest spot on search engine results and managing to maintain your place. Because there are lots of competitors constantly trying to make first place, you should make sure to stay at the top with continued effort. This can be made easy by consistently and frequently posting on your blog. All you need to do is make sure that they contain keywords that help improve your SEO incorporated throughout the text. Aside from giving your consumers helpful information, blog posts also make it possible for you to maintain your place at the top of search engine results. 2. Edit Image Names – Did you know that search engines use more than just your content to determine where you belong on their results? The file names of the images you have on your site can also help your SEO. For example, an image with the name “car_repair.jpg” will do much better compared to just a random jumble of letters and numbers that don’t make sense. Before you upload any images, check to see if you’re using an SEO keyword as the file name. You can also help your ranking by changing the names of existing images.
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3. Analyze Results – When you avail of SEO services, the company you hire should analyze the results of their efforts to find out how well they worked out. At a glance, analytics software can seem confusing, but you can learn how to man them so you can figure out your own standing for yourself. Learning how to use analytics tools will help you understand where your SEO and other marketing strategies are failing or where they could use improvement, allowing you to call the right shots to help improve your marketing efforts.6 Facts About Experts Everyone Thinks Are True