9 Big Web Design Trends for This Year

April 28, 2017

Website design trends change from year to year, but what will the biggest trends of 2017 be?

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1. Making Content the Star of the Show

Design has moved from a last-minute consideration to an integral stage in the development of a website. Designers and marketers know that a website should truly let the content shine, as that’s what the website visitors are really there for.

Flatter designs that deliver the content more efficiently and intuitively have become more popular and will continue to be so in 2017.

2. Designers and Developers Working More Collaboratively

As the design of a website takes on more significance, designers and developers must work more closely together. This is helped by production and collaboration tools to ensure that design isn’t bolted on just before launch.

3. Better Hand-Off Between Teams and Clients

Instead of handing off a file of static images for presentation, designers can now use workflow tools that present dynamic websites during the design stage. Clients can be shown a working prototype of the website and make changes on the spot.

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4. Bigger and Bolder Text

Content is king, and designers are giving more space to text on website pages, allowing messages to be clearly delivered instead of lost in the body copy.

5.CSS Advances Will Create More Complex Graphic Design Layouts

Layouts have been constrained by limitations with CSS, but new techniques and tools mean that designers will be able to do more to create graphic-rich responsive websites.

6. Scalable Vector Graphics

It’s all about images that will respond to any device size independently of the resolution. Ask an agency that performs SEO in Dublin or elsewhere, such as http://www.rycomarketing.ie/search-engine-optimisation-seo.html, about SVGs and their benefits in terms of page speed.

7. Design for Bigger Screens, Smaller Hands

Mobile phones are getting bigger, but that is making it harder to navigate websites using the natural thumb scroll. Designing for such constraints, such as screens that alter in size to enable easier handling, will increase in popularity.

8. Colour, Colour, Colour

Even though designs are flatter and more minimal, designers are still using colour and effects like blurring, gradients and ombre.

9. More Animation

Animation will continue to be part of the designer’s toolbox in 2017 with more focus on on-brand messages rather than just a jazzy design.