3 Candles Tips from Someone With Experience

December 27, 2016

Tips for Buying Organic, Eco-friendly Candles Eco-friendly products are becoming more and more popular nowadays, as we all become aware of the damaging effects of human activities on the planet. Among the lesser known but unending debates among ethical consumers, is whether or not burning candles harmless to the environment. Scented candles can be incredibly effective in lifting our mood, so it’s not surprising that they are very salable today. Scented candles may turn your house into a home, but is it worth losing our planet? Below are things to consider when choosing eco-friendly candles: Wax
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There are a few major types of wax used for making candles, and you have to know how each of them affects the environment. The following is a quick cheat sheet:
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> Soy – hydrogenated soybean oil > Palm oil – from palm fruit > Beeswax – excreted by worker bees after eating honey created by honey bees > Paraffin – by-product of crude oil refining process It’s clear that the first three types of waxes are natural or organic. They are mixed together sometimes for specific reasons. For example, since hydrogenated soybean oil tends to be very soft, it is usually combined with palm. Obviously, paraffin is nowhere near natural or organic.And we know just how dangerous it is – in fact, it’s equally dangerous with petroleum. Paraffin candles contain some 11 known carcinogens, including toluene and benzene. This is not only unhealthy for us, humans, but for the entire environment. They contribute to global warming and are non-renewable. Wicks Definitely, the wick is also important. The best source is cotton, but sometimes, even cotton wicks have zinc and lead, and we know just how poisonous lead can be. Lead is actually banned substance in candle production, but there are still manufacturers who manage to get away with it. Packaging The idea is to buy candles that are packaged in a way that is not destructive to the environment. Candles in glass jars or reusable packaging – such as 100{083390938f484c452e08a84ea1fac0a9158b26745442978ab7ea4003b5815b10} soy candles, which are also the greenest all around – are preferable to those that are packaged using landfill-bound materials. Scents Possibly the most important factor to consider as you shop for candles is how they get their scent. Artificial, petrochemical-derived oils are used to add scents to regular candles, and they can wreak havoc on our health. Buy candles scented with organic, pure essential oils because they are the safest for both humans and the earth. Note that candles aren’t all so simple. They don’t only light up a room or emit wonderful aromas, but they can be damaging as well. The idea is to buy the right candles, and the right candles are the green ones. A little homework goes a long way in finding the right candle supplier.